Murray Storytelling Showcase

Due to COVID-19 safety concerns and guidelines from the CDC, the Murray City Storytelling Showcase was canceled. Fortunately, members of the Story Crossroads board, were available to judge video submissions in place of the Showcase. 

Those who have participated in our 2019-2020 Storytelling Residencies had the opportunity to learn and work with Professional Storytellers. Unfortunately, not all the residencies were able to finish their classes, due to COVID-19 and students learning from home. Students who were selected to perform at the Showcase, were invited to submit a video of them telling their story to be judged. 

The judges have convened and announced our 2019-2020 Storytelling "Showcase" winners:

First Place: Elizabeth Myers
Second Place: Aaboli Samant
Third Place: Genevieve Myers
Fourth Place: Katherine Hurley
Fifth Place: Annabelle Jackson
Alternates: Micah Black, Sonny Payne & Arianna Parra

**Keep an eye out on the Murray City Cultural Arts Facebook Page as each of the participant’s video submission will be highlighted.

Contact Lori Edmunds at or phone 801-264-2620 for questions.